Personalized Teaching and Learning (PTAL) Academy is a service provider for PlexLearning Single Learner Classrooms (SLC).   Plexlearning is a Cyberlearning education methodology which involves the creation, conveyance and use of knowledge in digital environments.   Education foundations, methods, and epistemology of SLCs presumes a continuous and dynamic one-on-one mastery-learning classroom with on-demand stakeholders support and service experiences.

In this dynamic process, knowledge markers and artifacts called Learner Agent Objects (LAO) autonomously afford learner agency in communicating content mastery, desired ideas and emotions.   PTAL artifact-based LAOs enable meaningful learner mobility and independence to access one-on-one collaboration across boundaries of competing self-interests between formal and informal learning in the education delivery enterprise.    Learn More

Our education services include, but not limited to, professional development, after school enrichment programs, and preparing selected learners for career gateway exams.    As the cost of education continues to increase, success on gateway exams helps to reduce cost and time towards earning desired degrees and certifications. Learn More


Open Data and Open Course Learning Programs
Professional Development After School and Enrichment Programs
Gifted and Talented Neighborhood Education
Effective Preparatory & Gateway Exams Support
Advance Tax Studies Advance Placement (AP)
Financial Planning General Certificate Exams (GCE)
General Educational Development (GED) Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Exams (CAPE)
Our Standard Textbooks & Learning Tools
Microsoft Office 360 Microsoft Visual Studios
Google Docs Adobe Creative Cloud
Mathematica Online MATLAB with Simulink